At Design Plumbing And Gas Pty Ltd, Your local Gas fitter Ormeau, we provide a wide range of gas fitting services to Brisbane from design and size large commercial gas installations in Logan down to domestic installs, repairs and gas services in Gold Coast.

All our gas fitting services and gas installations are installed and tested in compliance to AS/NZS 5601

  • Safety checks / air tightness tests
  • Hot water installations and repairs
  • Restaurant/Hotel gas fit outs
  • LPG to Natural Gas conversions
  • Natural Gas to LPG conversions
  • Cook top or stove installation and repairs
  • BBQ lines ran out to garden
  • Patio heaters
  • Gas regulator replacements
  • Gas compliance plates and certificates

From my base in Ormeau Qld, 4208. I am your local gas fitting services provider to Brisbane, Gold Coast and Logan
As an Owner Operator Gasfitter it allows me to provide competitive prices for all my customers.
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Did you know natural gas supplied to your home doesn’t have a smell in its natural form it is added to the gas at a later stage prior to domestic delivery.

If you suspect you have a gas leak. Which would be a rotten egg gas smell around the home/premise, garden or you have unusually high gas bill.

What should I do if I smell gas ?

  1. Ensure no appliances are left in the on position.
    Turn off natural gas supply from gas meter. Which should normally be on the left hand side a yellow handled lever valve, which takes a quarter turn that will position it on a horizontal plain to the pipe work to turn into off position.
    Or with LPG turn off valves on bottles
  2. Open all windows and doors to adequately ventilate the premises and evacuate from the premises
  3. Do not turn on or off any electrical switches as even turning off a light can create an ark in the switch, which is enough to ignite the gas
  4. Do not smoke or use a naked flame
  5. Go outside or to a neighbour’s house and call us and will come test your gas to ensure there is no danger.

If you get a really strong smell of gas or physically hear the hissing of a gas leak.

Evacuate immediately and call emergency services from a neighbour’s home or up the street

Only turn off gas supply if you believe it is safe to do so

Gas Leak

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