Backflow Prevention Devices RPZD

What is a backflow prevention device?

A backflow prevention device is self explanatory it is a device that prevents contaminants from entering our drinking water supply or backflowing.
It is a requirement to install backflow prevention devices on plumbing services where it is possible to contaminate the water service line.

These are some of the common types:

  • RPZD Reduced Pressure Zone Device (Most Common) Testable
  • Dual Check Valve (Most Common)
  • Single Check Valve (Not an Approved Device)

Each backflow prevention device should registered with your local council
Each testable device should be tested at least once per year by a licensed plumber, who carries a backflow prevention endorsement on their license

After each test a written result of the test outcome is then sent to the local council register.

The level of risk of contamination determines the type of device required
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