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Design Plumbing is a specialist drain cleaning plumber near me company. That is centrally located in Ormeau. Which positions us to unblock and fix Blocked Drains Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Redlands and Ipswich.


  • What is high pressure sewer jetting Blocked drain services for homes and businesses.

High pressure sewer jetting is the use of a jetting machine. To force high volumes of water through a nozzle to cut through tree roots, sanitary items, grease and other foreign objects. These can block your sewer drain and cause discomfort to your home or business.  We use a sprintjett outlaw at 22 litres per min on 5000 PSI pressure.

  • High pressure civil storm and sewer water jetting of blocked large storm water pipes.

For larger civil storm water blockages or cleaning of 150mm plus sized piping most jetters out there are incapable of fully clearing such drainage systems. How ever Design Plumbing uses a US Jetter 4018 jetting machine. Which has the capacity to force a whopping 68 liters of water per min at 4000psi. If this machine can not clear a blockage nothing can.


  • Can we do CCTV inspections of Blocked drains in Brisbane and Gold Coast and why?

Yes we can do camera and CCTV inspections of sewer and storm water drains. This is determine what is causing the blockage in the first place. Clearing these blockages can be an unnecessary costly inconvenience for home owners and business owners. Once we have have located the blockage we can access the best course of action which generally a high pressure jetting of the drainage line.

  • Can the plumber locate where my the recurring drainage problem is.

Yes of course we can as Design Plumbing only uses the best equipment on the market. Our camera has a sonder fitted which sends a 512hz signal which we can pick with our rigid locator. We will then determine the exact depth and position of the the drainage problem.

  • What can i do if my sewer drain or storm water drain is broken.

Have you been repeatedly getting your drains cleaned as some drains just cannot be cleaned cleared or unblocked. Usually this is the result of tree roots penetrating the drainage system or pipe has just failed for a number of reasons. Poor installation, ground movement, swivel or expansion joints not installed or the underground drains have just exceeded there life cycle.

  • Can you dig up my sewer and replace it and how much will it cost

We will first locate the damaged buried underground pipes and with our service location equipment. Dig and expose the affected area with our tight access Kubota excavator cut out and replace the damaged section of pipework. Costs for sewer dig ups s vary from job to job it will based on factors.  Such as: Have we access for an excavator, is there concrete to be removed, how deep and long is the affected sewer, each job is accessed and quoted individually. If it becomes too costly we go for no dig repairs or pipe relining.

  • What is no dig repairs or pipe relining

Some buried drain repair issues are very difficult to access the conventional way as dig up and replace sewer mains. Such as its under my newly installed driveway or under my house slab, we then consider the no dig option pipe. Pipe Relining is where we install an epoxy resin into the broken or cracked drainage or sewer system inflate it to complete inner circumference of the pipework. This will then be cured to create a whole new inner lining of the buried under ground drainage system.

  • How do i unblocked toilets, showers and sink drains

First thing to try is the good old plunger to try unblock the sanitary plumbing system your self. Flushing with warm or hot water adding chemicals such as caustic soda or washing detergent to help. If these methods do not work call Design Plumbing to add a more professional approach with our specialized tools. With the required equipment and knowledge to jet the lines. we use a toilet auger or remove the fixtures to get what is affecting the toilet or basin traps to unblocked clogged drains of sanitary items.


  • What is an ORG and why is it over flowing 

An ORG or an Over Flow Relief Gully is a drain that is brought to surface connected to any drainage systems. It is designed to be lower than any fixture in the home or business by 75mm. This will allow blockages external of the property to escape in your yard rather than in your bathroom. Makes a clean up so much easier. It also tells you have a serious drainage problem on your property. you should contact a drain cleaning specialist straight away. Such as Design Plumbing.

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