Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Services are a necessity in every home and business in Brisbane and Gold Coast, but not all hot water systems are the same.

My hot water system is leaking what will I do ?

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Different types are:

  • Electric Hot Water Systems is still the most common type of hot water service in Ormeau, Logan, Brisbane and Gold Coast which operates with an electric element which is heated to the set temperature.
    Controlled by a thermostat these systems can run hassle free for many years and are relatively easy to maintain.
    Therefore they can be fitted basically any where in your home or premises
  • Gas Hot Water Systems are becoming more popular and more homes are connected to gas mains ever day.
    Types of gas hot water services are continuous flow which only heat the hot water required when it is called for by turning a tap on.
    Storage cylinder which is similar to the electric type cylinders most popular brands of continuous flow are Rinnai, Rheem and Bosch. Coming onto the market in Australia is the High Efficiency models such as Thermann C7.
    Which can be 15% more efficient than the standard continuous flow on the market.
    These high efficiency gas systems have been used in Europe for almost two decades.
    They will be making there mark here with the rising gas prices the more efficient the appliance the less gas you use its quite simple
  • Solar Thermal Hot Water¬†which is when you have solar collectors fixed on your roof in an optimal position of 10 degrees East of North.
    For this geographical location for requirements of hot water services Ormeau, Logan, Brisbane and Gold Coast.
    Which can provide up to 90% of your hot water needs these types of systems require boost for when solar activity is low which is generally gas or electric
  • Heat Pumps are an extremely efficient way of heating hot water services to your home in terms of electrical consumption.
    They operate in a similar but opposite way to your air conditioner by extracting the ambient heat from the air which is optimum climate conditions here in South East Queensland

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Gas and electric are more expensive to run but cheaper to install.

Solar and heat pumps are more expensive to install but can be cheaper to run.

Some of the brands we install are:

We shall assist you in your decision in choosing what suits you and your budget.

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